Let’s Talk Buyer Registrations

One of the most frustrating and time consuming procedures for any Business Broker is the buyer registration process. Imagine you have a serious buyer who wants to look at a new business, and all that buyer needs to do is sign the buyer registration.A Sound simple right? Sometimes it is and sometimes it can be[…]

How does Business Brokers CRM, think out of the box?

At Business Brokers CRM, we are always open to new out of the box ideas and adapting to the needs of our clients. Recently, a client contacted us with a scenario that required us to design a special widget for tracking when a buyer received confidential information, who gave them that information and the time/date[…]

What is the key to Business Brokers CRM’s success?

What is the key to Business Brokers CRM’s success? How do you know which company to trust and avoid which offer false promises and claims?   BBCRM is the only advanced comprehensive system with all of the features and functionality that you would need under one roof. The system is cost effective and user friendly[…]

Who uses BBCRM?

BBCRM is a perfect option for 3 categories of business brokers. The first candidate is the new brokerage company looking to start off in the industry. This broker has a huge opportunity to take advantage of the experience and mistakes of those who came before hand. A They can take advantage of decades on business[…]

Involve Your Team And Keep Them On Their Toes

BBCRM was established so you can involve the broker from the start. If your brokers are not using the system, it’s costing you money. The majority of client interaction is either through or via the sales team, so to achieve a CRM which meets their needs, it’s crucial that they are closely involved with the[…]

BBCRM makes you and your brokers more money

BBCRM will save you time, money & energy and at a price lower than you think. This is a system that makes you and your brokers more money. Measure the success of your brokers and fix the shortcomings of your team. Track leads and know what’s happening in your company with each broker. Know everything[…]