Who uses BBCRM?

sitting smiling business manBBCRM is a perfect option for 3 categories of business brokers. The first candidate is the new brokerage company looking to start off in the industry. This broker has a huge opportunity to take advantage of the experience and mistakes of those who came before hand. A They can take advantage of decades on business experience from hundreds of business brokers who gave their input to develop this platform. Brokers who use Business Brokers CRM can immediately use the robust array of tools that is provided in the platform to hit the ground running and start making deals faster.

BBCRM is also a perfect platform for the existing small Business Brokerage firms with 1 to 20 active brokers. If you are using any other database or CRM already, you are missing out on a system specifically designed for you. All the more so, if you are still using ACT, Outlook or even index cards to make deals. Why reinvent the wheel and put a square in a round hole? Business Brokers CRM is going to exponentially add to your bottom line. Experience shows that each individual broker that uses a system like this and takes advantage of the full system adds about $20,000 – $50,000 to their bottom line each month. Multiply that by the brokers in your company and Business Brokers CRM will really make your company take off.

Business Brokers CRM is perfect for the experienced broker who is already a part of a much larger company or franchise. BBCRM will give you the tools and confidence to go out on your own and save all those commission dollars that you give to your company or franchise. Why is the world would you be a member of a company or network and give away so much of your hard earned income.

There are so many reasons why a serious business broker should use this platform.  The price is right. It’s easy to learn and use. It keeps you on your toes. Your buyers will enjoy using your technologically advanced front end. We are constantly adding new features and functionality. You owe it to yourself to check out the system. Contact us for a free tour and demonstration of the Business Brokers CRM platform.

BBCRM can provide multiple references from happy customers. Please contact us for more details.