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Business Broker CRM is redefining the entire concept of Brokerage technology, forever changing the way the industry has been working for the past 60 years.

After decades of combined brokering experience, we sat down to discuss the most time consuming and frustrating processes and procedures that all business brokers follow to make a deal and earn a commission. We then took our extensive list of ideas from experience and implemented those ideas into a comprehensive software product that will make your career and a business broker so much easier and life as a business broker entrepreneur exponentially easier to manage.   We are very proud to present you with the software that will allow you to earn more commissions much faster.

The goal in creating this software was in essence to create a whole new platform for business brokers… One that took the very best of all combined features that any business broker would need and make it even more customizable and powerful for the individual user. Specifically, the intent was to allow anyone functioning as an intermediary, to work through their business process that typically would require multiple programs and efficiently perform all functions inside of one program BBCRM.

This system is the only fully integrated front end / back end one stop shop for all business brokerage software needs. We provide all of the features that you can possibly need to be super efficient with your business.

We are always actively listening to our customers so that we can use your feedback and suggestions to make your experience even better.

Our bottom line is “Striving to give you the tools to put more money in your pocket!”

With our ever growing customer base, the growing BBCRM marketplace will continue to expand and with improvements and powerful features constantly added. This is the premier platform for all business brokers and M&A firms internationally.

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