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Gone are the days of struggling to reach clients through overloaded email inboxes. Vertica CRM introduces Vertica Text, a powerful suite of SMS marketing tools seamlessly integrated within your existing CRM platform. This article explores how Vertica Text empowers businesses, specifically business brokers, to:

Craft Personalized Text Campaigns:

Leverage your customer data to tailor SMS marketing messages with precision. Target specific demographics, interests, or locations to ensure your messages resonate with each recipient profile. For example, a broker can send a text campaign to a list of pre-qualified buyers highlighting a new business listing that matches their industry and revenue criteria.

Effortlessly Automate Workflows:

Vertica Text integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing automation workflows and data room. Trigger text messages based on real-time information, buyer/seller profiles, or even new listing announcements. Imagine automatically sending a welcome text to new leads, thanking them for their inquiry, outlining the next steps in the business valuation process and by supplementing address release email from the data room.

Segment Your Audience with Granularity:

Craft targeted campaigns by utilizing Vertica’s extensive filtering options. Segment your audience based on location, industry, business size, and more, for laser-focused marketing efforts. A broker can create a segmented campaign targeting only sellers in a specific industry whose businesses have been on the market for a while, offering a free consultation to discuss revitalization strategies.

Build Engaging Workflows Visually:

Vertica’s intuitive drag-and-drop workflow designer makes building automated SMS campaigns a breeze. Effortlessly visualize and create the perfect communication journey for your customers.

Why Text Messaging in Your CRM Matters?

Texting within a CRM offers a multitude of benefits for business brokers:

Superior Reach and Engagement:

Studies show that SMS boasts a staggering 98% open rate compared to emails at a mere 20%. Customers are far more likely to see and respond to your messages about business listings, meeting reminders, or closing updates.

While email marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching a broad audience, inboxes can get cluttered and messages can easily get lost. Here’s where Vertica Text’s SMS follow-up functionality shines. By sending a concise, permission-based text message after your email campaign, you can gently nudge recipients to revisit your email content. This two-pronged approach leverages the strengths of both channels: email allows for detailed information and visuals, while SMS boasts an unmatched open rate, ensuring your message cuts through the noise and prompts engagement with your email content. This significantly increases the likelihood of recipients noticing your campaign and taking the desired action, ultimately boosting the effectiveness of your overall marketing efforts.

Faster Response Times:

The average response time for a text message is a mere 90 seconds, compared to 90 minutes for emails. This lightning-fast communication allows brokers to answer client questions promptly, fostering improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Communication:

Centralize all customer communication within your CRM, eliminating the hassle of scattered message threads. This ensures your entire team stays on the same page about client interactions and keeps business listing information readily accessible.

Benefits of Vertica Text for Business Brokers:

Centralized Text Message Log:

Maintain a complete record of all SMS communication within your CRM, ensuring your team has access to up-to-date client interactions. Track conversations about specific businesses or leads. Imagine being able to see the entire text communication history with a seller, including inquiries about valuations, marketing strategies, and offers received.

Send Rich SMS Text with Images:

Go beyond plain text with Vertica Text. Send multimedia messages with business listing photos, logos, or charts to enhance engagement and showcase opportunities more effectively. A text message with a captivating image of a restaurant’s storefront can grab a potential buyer’s attention much faster than plain text alone.

Remind Prospects of Upcoming Meetings:

Schedule automated text message reminders to ensure both you and potential buyers or sellers are on the same page for meetings, tours, or valuation appointments. This eliminates the risk of missed meetings and wasted time.

Text Message Auto-Responders:

Set up automated text message responses to frequently asked questions or inquiries outside of business hours. This allows potential clients to receive immediate information and keeps them engaged in the sales process.

Send Large SMS/MMS Blasts:

Reach a broad audience of potential buyers or sellers with targeted SMS/MMS blasts. This is perfect for announcing new business listings, promoting upcoming industry events, or sharing relevant market updates.

Automate Text Message Follow-Ups:

Schedule automated text messages to follow up with potential buyers or sellers after meetings, calls, or property tours. This allows you to stay top-of-mind and capture their interest while the details are still fresh.

Auto-Assign Text Message Tasks as Part of a Sales Sequence:

Vertica Text integrates seamlessly with your sales pipeline. Automatically assign text message tasks to specific team members at different stages of the sales process. This ensures a smooth and efficient handover of communication between team members.

Case Study: Transforming Client Engagement with SMS Follow-Ups

Meet Michael Nelson, a seasoned business broker who has been sending out weekly email campaigns for years. While his email campaigns were moderately successful, he often found that many recipients would not open the emails or engage with the content.

Michael decided to integrate Vertica Text into his CRM strategy. After each email campaign, he started sending a follow-up SMS message to the same recipients, asking if they had a chance to read the email he sent. The results were astounding. The open rates for his emails increased significantly, and he received immediate responses from clients who appreciated the reminder.

For example, one week after sending an email about a new business listing, Michael sent an SMS follow-up to 500 recipients. He immediately received 150 replies, which led to 25 new inquiries about the listing and ultimately resulted in three successful sales. By adding this simple step to his marketing strategy, he not only improved client engagement but also increased his sales by 20% in just a few months.

Cost Considerations:

As with any SMS/MMS service, there are costs associated with sending out text messages. These costs are charged by the phone company, and we pass these costs on to the client or broker. Despite this, the investment in SMS marketing often yields a significant return by boosting engagement and accelerating sales processes.

Vertica Text: A Powerful Tool Within Your CRM

Vertica CRM allows you to send texts from various modules within the application, including workflows, contact records, or the dedicated SMS manager. This flexibility ensures you can initiate text conversations at the most opportune moments. Saving these text conversations within your CRM application manager provides your teams have up-to-date information. Real-time customer data keeps everyone on the same page about the sales process.

Integrating Vertica Text into your CRM system is not just about adding another communication channel; it’s about revolutionizing how you engage with your clients. By leveraging the power of SMS, business brokers like Michael Nelson can enhance their marketing efforts, improve client relationships, and ultimately drive more sales.

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