Be More Efficient

Make your Business Brokerage Company a well-oiled machine. Increase Deal-Flow & allow your brokers to be more efficient. Every M&A firm and Business Brokerage Company is has its unique business methodologies and characteristics that define it. There aren’t many one size fits all platforms for a well-run brokerage Company. Our system will help you improve[…]

Advanced Email Marketing

By now, anyone with a business knows the basics of email marketing: you collect addresses, then send out your message to those addresses. The more email addresses you have on your list, the greater the chance for your message to be converted to whatever you’re promoting. The email should look nice and have an effective[…]

What is Excel Really Costing You?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a software application package or suite that is designed to improve a company’s communication with customers and prospects. The most basic CRM systems generally target sales information, such as monitoring details for expenses, price data, as well as statistics for product revenue by location and market. These details[…]

What makes Business Brokers CRM so special?

Our customers are always asking us how we can provide such a comprehensive service while still maintaining such a cost efficiency. In addition to all of the features and modules that we have created to make the life of a Business Broker smoother more profitable and efficient, is that we have virtually little overhead and[…]

Let’s Talk Buyer Registrations

One of the most frustrating and time consuming procedures for any Business Broker is the buyer registration process. Imagine you have a serious buyer who wants to look at a new business, and all that buyer needs to do is sign the buyer registration.A Sound simple right? Sometimes it is and sometimes it can be[…]

How does Business Brokers CRM, think out of the box?

At Business Brokers CRM, we are always open to new out of the box ideas and adapting to the needs of our clients. Recently, a client contacted us with a scenario that required us to design a special widget for tracking when a buyer received confidential information, who gave them that information and the time/date[…]