Advanced Email Marketing

By now, anyone with a business knows the basics of email marketing: you collect addresses, then send out your message to those addresses. The more email addresses you have on your list, the greater the chance for your message to be converted to whatever you’re promoting. The email should look nice and have an effective[…]


George Martinez, a Business Brokerage owner in Southern California, knew that he would have to change his business model almost 20 years ago. It happened less than a year into his business. “I sold a small restaurant to an entrepreneur from Mexico,” he recalls. “The guy was terrific and his English was great. He owned[…]

Don’t Let Inventory Be a Deal Killer

London-based business broker Ian MacDonald loves to tell the story of his first deal – and how it almost came apart due to a simple misunderstanding. “I was selling a frozen food warehouse business located in South London,” he explains. “It was mildly profitable but my buyer wanted it because he needed space and workers[…]