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Business Broker CRM

We believe in thinking out of the box. Our software is simple to use, beautifully designed, and user friendly. This is the cutting edge of broker technologies with the knowledge and experience to keep you above the game, with a clear point of difference, and more efficient than your competing brokers. Join other successful brokerage companies and use Business Broker CRM software.

Do you own a small business brokerage firm, but want to compete with the larger companies without the same expenses?

Are you an independent business broker?

Have you considered starting a career as a Business Broker or your own Business Brokerage firm?

Would you like to take advantage of the same type of CRM that the large network or franchise brokers use?

Do you belong to a network Business Brokerage Company because of the access to market share that they provide?

Are you considering to join a large franchise Business Brokerage network?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you need to see this Business Broker CRM platform.

Own your customers experience and don’t give up on large percentages of your commission! First research the pros and cons of such a decision. Some companies will charge you 50% of your net commissions and some will take 25% as an annual franchise fees or royalties. Explore the benefits of this software system. You will save significant money every year as your business grows if you use the BBCRM platform!up chart

This system helps you and your associate brokers make more money, be more productive, and do more deals. We provide you with all of the tools to track all of your deals, communicate with your clients in real time with every mode of communication, manage your daily schedule and activities, manage your data and files and work with other brokers anywhere and any time all online.

This state of the art Business Broker software and operations management system is designed for business brokers by business brokers with many years of experience. It will allow you to focus on doing business and let the system automate many of the procedural tasks for you so you can focus on you core priorities, selling businesses. This CRM and optional combined front end web site allow you to be on top of every deal, lead, listing, and client relationship. It allows you to communicate with your customers in real time and never lose a lead! The CRM system for Business Brokers is your key to your success in business brokerage and is revolutionizing the industry. We provide you with this CRM software at a lower price than anyone else in the industry and provide you with more quality, service and experience.

Our leading edge software is the solution for business brokers who demand control over their business in real time. It is extremely versatile providing seamless integration between a fully customized front end website and powerful backend CRM. It is endlessly customizable to each clients needs and procedures. We allow you to focus on your clients, closings, and commissions and not on the paperwork or the legwork and boost your productivity like never before.

This system allows business brokers to focus on the main challenge of any business broker. That is to get more listings and more sellers. Once you have that, it wlll allow you to automate just about everything else.

If you are the kind of broker that likes to have total control over every step of the sales process save time, get more listings, make more deals, and earn exponentially more commissions, then you want and need to use this software.



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