Technical FAQ

Who owns my data?

You do. You have the ability to download it in a meaningful and readable format at any time you wish.

Who has access to my data?

Only you have access to your data in usable form.

Is my data secure?

Vertica CRM utilizes secure https / SSL encryption for all data exchanges between the client software and the CRM servers. It is physically locked down and there is a hardware firewall at the rack level to help prevent things like DoS and DDoS attacks as well as some other obvious types of hacking. There is a separate software firewall on the web server as well as a prevention measure against brute force attacks. Each hosted instance of Vertica CRM is granted its own system and database user, and cannot read the contents of any other instance database. Vertica CRM is not a multi-tenant application, and does not share a database with any other software on our servers. This is ideal for firms that require a dedicated database schema for their customer’s data. ‘Obviously there are other security measure that are in place that we don’t advertise (for obvious reasons). We have also been evaluated and checked by HTBridge for vulnerabilities in our software. Each hosted instance of the CRM is granted its own system and database user, and cannot read the contents of any other instance’s database. Vertica CRM is not a multi-tenant application, and does not share a database with any other software on our servers. This is ideal for firms that require a dedicated database schema for their customer’s data.

In Layman’s terms, can you explain how you will secure my data?

Vertica CRM takes the security of our systems and our customer’s data very seriously. Our servers are protected by a firewall, and the firewall logs are monitored regularly for any evidence of intrusion. We have a comprehensive plan for identifying, triaging and managing any cyber incident. This plan is reviewed periodically, and is available upon demand. Each individual client’s data is stored in a separate database, and access to said data within our company is restricted to the CTO and the System Administrator. There is no possibility for cross mingling of data between clients. All development takes place in a test database, and our development teams do not have access to the production database for any of our clients unless this is deemed necessary by the CTO to resolve a particular issue. In the event of such an instance the client will be informed, and their permission to provide access will be requested. Access will be limited to the timeframe necessary for resolution of said issue.

Access to our servers by our technical staff is accomplished using ssh, an industry standard that uses one way encryption based on public and private certificates. As such, their are no passwords that can be either guessed or sniffed. All production sites are provisioned with an ssl certificate, allowing for end-to-end encryption and again ensuring the security of our customer’s data. Given the importance of security, and our knowledge of the sensitivity of our customer’s data, we are constantly looking for new methodologies and practices to enhance our security practices.

Will Vertica CRM ever look at my content?

The security and privacy of our users data is something that we place the highest value on. Although it’s unlikely that we would ever access anyone’s data, there are limited circumstances in which we may become legally compelled to review part or all of a specific user’s content or at the request of a client.

How is my data backed up?

We backup your database on a daily basis.

Can I backup my data to my own machine?

Yes. You can backup or download any data to your local machine for additional assurance. Some Brokerage firms request that this can only be done with admin level permissions and regular brokers have this feature disabled. We provide you with the flexibility to decide for yourself.

Where is my data stored?

BBCRM utilizes multiple secure offsite servers for storage of all client data and files.

Do I need to save my work as I go or does the program do it for me?

Currently, you are responsible to actively save your work (by simply pressing the save button) and we recommend doing so on a frequent basis.

How often is the software updated?

We are continually working to add new features and overall improvements for the software, as well as correct any issues or bugs that are brought to our attention.

Have you load tested the software?

It has been load tested up to 500,000 contact records and 500,000 action records. We are continuously optimizing the software for scalability, reliability and performance.

Is there a limit to how much data that can be stored in the software?

No, there is no software-imposed limit. However, there may be minor additional hosting costs for storing huge amounts of data.

Can Vertica CRM integrate with other systems that I have to use for my company?

Yes, Vertica CRM can integrate with any other software that has a modern web based API.

How difficult would it be to transfer my data and contacts from another CRM system to your system?

Not difficult at all! There are a variety of ways to accomplish this and we would be happy to assist you.

Billing FAQ

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. There are no long term contracts, you can always cancel by contacting info@businessbrokerscrm.com or by using the form on the contact us page. Cancellations will take effect at the conclusion of your current billing cycle.

Can I change my payment plan anytime?

Yes. You can change your plan by contacting info@businessbrokerscrm.com or by using the form on the Contact Us page prior to the conclusion of your current billing cycle. For example, if you wish to go from a monthly payment to an annual payment, that will take effect the following month and will cover the next 12 month period.


Sales FAQ


Where do I find help on how to use the software?

We have a very comprehensive support page that is easy to read and get answers to just about any question that you may have and you’ll find all the help you need in terms of training and resources. If you ever need additional assistance, simply contact info@VerticaCRM.com, fill out the form on our Contact Us page, or call your sales representative and we’ll be glad to help.

Are there any cool features in the works?

Oh YES! Some of what we’ve got in the works is so cool, that it would be premature to reveal it until it’s really time; but there are also a number of really cool features that you can see right now on our feature page. As well, we are always actively listening to our clients. If you have any specific needs or suggestions, we will strive to accommodate you. We always want our clients to have confidence that we will exceed expectations.

Will I ever be charged for updated versions of the software?

As long as your account is in active status, you will be billed according to your payment plan and will receive all of the latest updates inside the software without additional charge.

You mentioned that you can use the software anytime from anywhere is there an app available?

Yes, you would use the same URL that you use for your desktop version of the software to login from your mobile device. The responsive user interface will adjust to the devices screen size.

My Business Brokerage company also sells real estate. Can you accommodate real estate sales in the CRM as well as for Business Brokerage?

Yes. Vertica CRM is flexible and adaptable for any brokerage companies needs. We can customize the platform for any company.

Misc FAQ

Why does the world need another customer relationship management application?

Yes, there are now hundreds of good CRM apps on the market today. What makes this system unique is the simplicity. Over time, most CRM apps have become incredibly complex and expensive as vendors pile on feature after feature in an effort to create new products. Our commitment is to keep the app small by just focusing on the most critical features brokers need to be effective. In addition, this platform is simple to learn and it is specifically designed for the needs of the business brokerage industry.

What if I don’t see the answer to my question here?

Please reach us at info@VerticaCRM.com or fill out the form on our Contact Us page for further assistance.


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