The CRM that encourages the broker to service the buyer and sellers.

With every interaction a buyer has with your web site, notifications go out to the relevant parties. A�For example, when a buyer adds a new listing to their online portfolio, that buyers broker and the listing broker will receive an email telling them to contact that buyer and service them. A�When an unregistered buyer inquires on a listing, the listing broker will get an email telling them to get that buyer registered. Buyer can request more information on a specific listing or ask for a follow up phone call from your company representative.

This makes the job of the broker much easier and give them the ability to keep track of all of their tasks at hand. A�If you or your brokers are interested in making deals, we hand you the tools to make that happen on a silver platter. A�All you need to do is have a sincere want to help people make a deal and a drive to earn money.