Let’s Talk Buyer Registrations

One of the most frustrating and time consuming procedures for any Business Broker is the buyer registration process. Imagine you have a serious buyer who wants to look at a new business, and all that buyer needs to do is sign the buyer registration.A Sound simple right? Sometimes it is and sometimes it can be difficult. What happens if they don’t have access to an email address, or a fax machine? What happens if they work all day behind a counter and can’t get to an office store to send in the fax to the office or they are a Old School and are just not familiar with the computer?

There can be many reasons why it may be difficult for your buyers to complete the registration process. Some of them may even be silly excuses on the part of the buyer, but you never know who is a serious buyer or not. Regardless, it is in the interest of the broker to make the process as easy as possible for the buyer to sign the confidentiality/registration/NDA agreement with as little obstacles as possible, while at the same time, securing the confidentiality of the seller/listing and the commission of the broker.registration page

At Business Brokers CRM, we came up with a solution to this problem that is simple, yet secure. Your buyers can digitally sign* their agreement straight away directly from your website. The agreement will be saved in the CRM for anytime that you would need to reference it and they can be automatically (or if the broker prefers, manually) registered.

A buyer can link directly to the registration process from a listing on your web site. Within one minute, the buyer can enter their information into the system and become a registered buyer. This will eliminate the hassles described above.  More importantly, however, it will save the broker time and energy and it will save the buyer time as well. You will have the ability to get more information in front of your buyers faster. You buyers will be able to access any information that you deem relevant directly from their buyer portfolio on your website without unnecessary delay.

This in turn with make you and your team to be more efficient and allow your team more time to focus on your main priorities such as getting more listings and earning more commissions.

Business Brokers CRM was founded by Business Brokers for Business Brokers. We researched all of the needs and wants of hundreds of business brokerage companies across the nation and created a powerful tool to allow any Business Brokerage company to exponentially increase their commissions. The result is a fun to use comprehensive platform that is highly flexible and adaptable to any Business Brokerage company’s needs. For more information and a free demonstration of this powerful tool, please visit www.BusinessBrokersCRM.com.