Advanced Email Marketing

By now, anyone with a business knows the basics of email marketing: you collect addresses, then send out your message to those addresses. The more email addresses you have on your list, the greater the chance for your message to be converted to whatever you’re promoting. The email should look nice and have an effective[…]

Be More Efficient

Make your Business Brokerage Company a well-oiled machine. Increase Deal-Flow & allow your brokers to be more efficient. Every M&A firm and Business Brokerage Company is has its unique business methodologies and characteristics that define it. There aren’t many one size fits all platforms for a well-run brokerage Company. Our system will help you improve[…]

Your Company Culture

Every organization develops their own culture and way of doing business. As such, it is difficult to tailor a CRM product/service to the needs of every Business Brokerage firm. I would go even further to say that you should not decide on a CRM system until you have decided on what your company culture is[…]

Why do business brokers need CRM software?

In today’s society, brokers need to rely on a business management system that provides adaptability, usability and integrity.  A CRM system that automates most of the mundane tasks that business brokers must do in order to maintain a profitable business. Each and every company has their own needs and nitch way of conducting business and[…]

Features and Value – The Choice is Obvious

        There are so many features built into BBCRM. For more information on the most popular click the link below. This of course is not an all inclusive list. In order to truly understand the power, and flexibility of this business broker software, please request a demonstration. When we say that this[…]

BBCRM is extremely cost effective

Business Broker CRM is so cost effective that you will re-coup total cost and annual fees from the first commission. Even more, many business brokerage firms charge there associate brokers a fee to become a member. You may actually make a profit just by using our software and the fact that you are providing your[…]