Your Company Culture

ID-10046953Every organization develops their own culture and way of doing business. As such, it is difficult to tailor a CRM product/service to the needs of every Business Brokerage firm. I would go even further to say that you should not decide on a CRM system until you have decided on what your company culture is specifically. Companies that are fully collaborative and share information and everyone’s input is valued will always have a head start when deciding and implementing new technologies like a broad based CRM.


BBCRM was designed to keep various different corporate cultures in mind and it has a vast array of allowable permissions and functions that you will be able to decide on and take advantage of. The converse of the example above, is a disorganized firm where listings are held close to the cuff by each individual broker. This would promote less inter office deals and less collaboration between brokers or sales people.


As the owner or administrator of a brokerage firm you need to decide on two main points. One, an appropriate system that meets your companies policies and business procedures once setup for use. Two, the program that you implement needs to focus on changing to the behavior that you desire out of your brokers.


However you wish to operate your company. BBCRM will keep you and you respective team members on their toes and provide you with the tools to keep your pipeline full, never lose a lead, and own your customers experience and make more money.